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Book Reviews: The Last, The Least, The Lonely and The Lost

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Comments and reviews are starting to come in:

  • Great stories, told so beautifully. Y'all must read this wonderful book! I just couldn't put it down! C.M.

  • This book is a great read. It is a very well-written memoir of his life with all the highs and lows that have gone with it. The author has a well-developed hubris detector. I encourage people to buy a copy for themselves and another one to give to their GP. B.A

  • No one who knows the man will have been surprised by the humility, intellectual vigour and compassion evident in every page – or by the pawky wit. I was delighted by the eloquent use of a device associated with musical composition – the motif – a recurring musical fragment. As the narrative progresses it becomes more than a title, restated as a commentary after each account of the misery of so many human beings – the last, the least, the lonely and the lost – recurring again and again, gathering weight and volume and eventually becoming a major, if not the major, theme of a significant work. Q.L.

  • Wonderful insight and crafty language. Laughing out loud in places. Wanted to keep going but didn't want to finish it. D.H.

  • So cool. Inspirational. B.W.

Watch this space!

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